- by Adam J Humphreys

Fastest Growing Oil & Gas Network

October 31, 2013

One year ago we released the first rough version of Oil Authority to the public in beta release. Your company could be included in our database of over 8,700 supporting oil & gas companies. Since then we've worked out most of the bugs, added a ton of features, and built a world class mobile friendly site we can be proud of after over 1.5 years of development. Go to your company page in the oil & gas directory to claim your company listing and insure your company information is current. Add the discount code, "Anniversary," to upgrade and save 25% off posted membership prices. Updating your general company directory listing is free for existing sites but upgrading your listing puts you above all the free members showing your company first among the many other features shown below.

Oil Authority Features:

  • International Oil & Gas directory that helps people find products, services and companies closest to them using enhanced GPS technology free to the public. This helps people safely get to the closest location safely. Platinum sponsors are listed on over 16,000 pages of the site while appearing above all other listing. All companies listed in the oil & gas directory receive a feature rich microsite.

  • Careers Section is the oil a& gas industry answer to cost effective career branding. Free to the public it allows people to actively search for oil & gas related careers and allows companies to search for top talent.

  • Marketplace is oil & gas products from our member's directory microsites. Showcase your products to people around the world all in one place cost effectively. 

  • Rig Search is free to the public to safely get to oil rigs from their current location. It is currently for the Alberta region but we're hoping to provide international rig sites in the future.

  • Oil & Gas Network free to the public  allows oil & gas professionals to post their resume, connect with industry contacts, and get certification reminders so that they are always up to date on safety certificates.

  • Oil & Gas News  is one of the biggest reasons Oil Authority was introduced because it's time the oil & gas industry was given a fair hand. Posting accurate news from industry we hope to provide the whole story the news definitely isn't. As someone that's worked in oil & gas I think we can agree the accusations about the oil industry being reckless are definitely not based on fact. Premium company members can post press releases to respond and engage with the public while educating on product service offerings. 

  • Oil & Gas Glossary features over 4,500 oil & gas terms and is updated with a daily term so no green-horn has to ask where the rig pig is any more. Easily find and locate petroleum related terms you wondered about. 

    All of the above features are provided to Oil Authority members and we highly encourage you to participate so that we may continue to enhance the oil & gas industry with future developments for a safe, well educated, and prosperous tomorrow. We look forward to connecting with you. Should you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me personally. The site would not be possible without you.


    Adam J. Humphreys
    Director of Oil Authority Inc. 
    (587) 317-5545