- by Adam J Humphreys

To better serve the oil & gas community Oil Authority is launching a new site in January. Oil Authority has proudly served Canada and the world with:

  • First in industry completely Free Rig Search mapping out real-time rig data helping people get to work easily avoiding traffic, reducing emissions, and alive safely by avoiding the most dangerous routes.

  • First in industry oil & gas directory that connects businesses with people actively searching for oil product service offerings on a lightning fast site search, autocomplete, and providing directions to services meeting their custom criteria closest by. The media publishing industry is still stuck on phone books!

  • Oil & Gas industry news providing accurate press releases direct from sources and sticking to specific code of conduct on publishing facts. We saw a real need to provide real news vs the media publishing sensationalism misleading the world about facts with cheap journalism.

  • First in industry world class oil & gas marketplace giving companies easy access to list their products into the oil & gas marketplace from their own stores. We saw so many companies struggling with their digital experience we decided to build something cost effective and super targeted for them. 

  • First in Industry safety ticket tracking allowing industry workers to track their safety tickets and keep current on oil & gas industry safety. Before this many workers would forget their tickets and lose time at work. We eliminated that problem and are enhancing this on our new platform. 

  • Oil & Gas glossary with thousands of terms to help industry learn a new daily term. At Oil Authority we know continued growth of the industry means education and ongoing education. We look forward to growing with you into the new year.

  • Oil & Gas Career Recruitment to help businesses easily list oil jobs and workers to all  connect on one platform. This gives employers the ability to search on a very targeted site and easily find qualified and interested oilfield industry workers. 

  • All of the above services will be greatly enhanced with additional features on a much more user friendly platform.

    Contact us about our pre-launch promtion service@oilauthority.com